Pintura no muro de Berlim, da “East Side Gallery”, 1990, Berlim

25 de Junho a 5 de Julho, Restauro do Muro de Berlim 20 anos depois

Ao comemorarem-se os 20 anos da queda do muro de Berlim um grupo de artistas da East Side Gallery e a Cidade de Berlim , numa iniciativa conjunta decidiram restaurar todas as pinturas realizadas entre 1990 e 1991 sobre um dos poucos bocados que dele restam e que constituem a East Side Gallery.
Vinte anos depois, a artista plástica Ana Leonor, a convite da cidade, irá restaurar a pintura que realizou em 1990 e entretanto completamente destruída.
Ana Leonor viveu em Berlim entre 1989 e 1992.
Neste momento vive e trabalha em Lisboa onde tem presentemente uma exposição de pintura na VPF Rock Gallery até 30 de Jullho.

The East Side Gallery..."It will still be there in 50 years, and even in 100 years" – The Wall. That, at any rate, was the prognosis delivered by Communist Party chief Erich Honnecker at the 40th anniversary of the founding of the East German republic in October 1989. A few months later, the city was filled with the sounds of continuous hammering and chiseling, as East Germany's people – together with hordes of enthusiastic tourists – broke the country's border up into souvenirs.

The fumbling announcement of a government spokesman regarding the easing of exit restrictions was thus turned into a happy transformation of the lives of many people in East and West. Today, the Wall has been almost completely dismantled and pulverized or marketed in hand-sized bits as souvenirs. A few sections, including the East Side Gallery, have been preserved as memorials. The Gallery, painted by numerous artists, is the largest open-air gallery in the world.
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