Juliane Fressynet

nº14 - 12ºD
Escola secundaria artística António Arroio
Produção artística - Cerâmica


theme: create a medal for several sports

I started out by creating a basic shape that would fit all sports requested (volleyball, basketball and badminton).

The initial shape for the medals started out by the unioin between the number “1” (simbolizing 1st Place) and the letter “V” (simbolizing victory) .

Both “1” and “V” were made in perfect assimetry, in order to assemble each other as a unique geometrical piece. From that resulting piece an exactly assimetrical one was made, in order for them to fit perfectly into each other. The idea behind the fitting was to express that the team’s union is their strenght, it was also intended to create a heart shape to simbolize the “Love for the Game”.

After concluding the base medal shape, for each sports, we can observe between them two diferences, the (relevo) from the ball from each sport....

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